DIY-Cereal Box Wallet

A review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The other day, via a link from another site, I found the instructions and downloadable PDF template to a little DIY cardboard wallet. Now this is a nice idea of practical recycling. This is intended for the recycling of the cardboard from breakfast cereal packs but will also work with other boards to be recycled that is of a similar thickness or somewhat above.

I downloaded the template, applied it to the cover of an old brochure from a trade fair and within less than 20 minutes – including finding the elastic cord – I have a fully functional wallet suitable for a number of things, including and especially business/visiting cards.

This is, as just indicated, a great little wallet for business/visiting cards that anyone can make in, I should think, less than half an hour.

It will make a great conversation piece in the same way as do the business cards that we ate Tatchipen Media use, which are recycled from printed press releases and such.

However, the one drawback is that the wallet in the current template design only works with cards that are a little narrower in height if seen in landscape as are the more standard versions of business cards. Those more standards cards would require a little redrawing – though not much – of the template, which should not be too great of a problem either.

In a further, enlarged version of the template, this wallet design could be made suitable for use with 3x5 index cards and the “hipster PDA”.

Go, give it a try.

You find the details and the template here:

© M Smith (Veshengro), April 2008