Stirring Paddle

Eastern European Gypsy pot stirrer

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This one, relatively inexpensive, hand-carved, wooden tool will replace more or less all your other kitchen utensils that are used for stirring. Its versatility is second to none. It is the answer for all those who want fewer tools in their kitchen, as this one will replace the great majority of – if not indeed all other – stirring implements in use.

In Eastern Europe, from whence the design appears to stem and where this tool is made in great numbers by the Gypsy carvers for sale to the public, though they use this kind of stirrer themselves as well, albeit theirs often are somewhat larger, due to the size of the pots and amount of food to be cooked, than the ones made for sale to the public (generally), you tend to rarely see a wooden spoon used for stirring. Wooden spoons are either larger spoons and ladles for serving food or or smaller ones for eating with. Stirring is generally always done with this kind of stirring paddle.

The advantage of the stirring paddle compared to a wooden spoon is that, generally, all that is required in order to clean it is to wipe the “blade” of the stirrer with a cloth. Washing the tool is, generally, not required. On the other hand the problem with a spoon is that the bowl tends to collect food residue that is not as easily wiped away and hence they often requires water and some washing. Never ever, though, immerse a wooden implement into soapy water and leave it there and on no account put it into the dishwasher.

In general though, as wood is natural antibacterial through its action of withdrawing moisture inside itself and bacteria die without moisture, it is only necessary to wipe a wooden implement as far as cleaning is concerned.

The stirring paddle is equally at home doing the porridge, the stew, the soup, the scrambled eggs, or the dough, or whatever else needs stirring. Larger sized ones are also suitable for stirring an errant child's behind, but, please bear in mind, I never said this.

Stirring paddles of all sizes can be obtained here.

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