Recipes for peanut butter & pickles sandwiches

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

On the world wide web there are now several sites already that I have encountered that give the recipe and instructions of how to make peanut butter & pickles sandwiches. No, I kid you not.

peanut-butter-pickle-sandwichSorry, I think the world has gone mad. But then again some people even need to consult the Internet for instructions of how to boil an egg, I know. And I would not surprised if some would even have to research how to boil water in a pan.

Where did we go wrong in our development in the last couple of decades? I am not completely sure but the overuse of all that technology seems to have something to do with it. We seem to be going backwards rather than forwards, as humans per se. We may have great technology and all that but common sense and other important senses and whatever seem to have gotten entirely lost in the last couple of decades. Now people need recipes and instructions for making a peanut butter and pickles sandwich.

How difficult can it be? Take two – yes just two – slices of bread. Put peanut butter on one side of each slice of bread. Now take a pickled cucumber out of a jar, slice it and put slices onto one “buttered” slice of bread. Cover with other slice, “buttered” side down. Voila. Now eat. Or do they need an instruction how to do the later as well, preferably in video format.

Sometimes I do really wonder how it is just possible that we seem to have become so dumbed down that we need to have recipes for even the simplest things and tasks nowadays. I am not sure whether we really have advanced as a species or gone backwards.

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