Government as footpads – Denmark

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The right-conservative government of Denmark is trying to do everything possible to deter refugees and migrants from coming into the country. A new draft legislation is to be put before parliament which will create a special police unit tasked with the confiscation of all valuables carried by refugees arriving in the country, such as money or jewelry, practically everything that exceeds an estimation value of more that 300 Euro.

After protests by some parts of the Danish people an exception shall now be made from wedding rings and any such personal pieces.

The Minister for Justice and Immigration, Søren Pind, has this kind of highway robbery defended recently on government television stating that the income from those confiscations shall used as a part contribution to cover the expenses incurred by accommodating and feeding the refugees.

The chances for this draft legislation to be ratified by the Danish parliament and become actual law are very good as the governing coalition is supported in this question by all the members of parliament of the more or less right-wing Danish People's Party.

Seeing things like that going on and then that being followed by others statements to the effect that refugees arriving in Denmark are to be paying for their accommodation and food from their own means one can but wonder what kind of game is being played and it is not only in Denmark that strange shenanigans are being played with the refugees and migrants. One can thus but begin to wonder whether the idea of migrants as a weapon, that has been put forward by the CIA and other US military agencies, is something that is being played out here, in order to cause havoc.

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