German media outlet Spiegel TV equates Vegans with Nazis

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

vegetablesNo, apparently, this is no joke and April 1st is still a little while off; at least last time I checked.

According to their mindset vegetarianism and veganism is dangerous as we have to consider that Hitler, after all, was a vegetarian. And that means in the new speak of the elite that anyone who wants to eat different and is concerned about animal welfare and food or genetically engineered food stuffs and wants to do without meat and GM foods is put into the “Nazi” bracket.

The global trend for vegetarianism and veganism has risen exponentially and in many cities around the world vegan supermarkets and restaurants almost mushroom. It is a little something like a latent revolution: Vegans are against the exploitation of animals and at the same time they protect the environment and chose a healthier diet. Although, it has to be said, there are some that argue against pure veganism for a number of reasons, one of them being the lack of B12, for instance, in a purely vegetable-based diet without any animal products, such as dairy, for instance. However, it is the many positive consequences of the vegan diet that makes it so attractive for a great number of people, a number that is on the increase.

If you wish to live in any way, shape or form, different to what the mainstream sees as the right way, and the powers-that-be more or less decree, or do not buy into the stories that are churned out by government and its media clowns then you are decried as a Nazi, a Brown Mystic, a conspiracy theorist, and if you are against the banking cartel then, without even mentioning the ethnicity of many of those bank owners, you declared to be anti-Semitic.

While, in this time of austerity and the Great Recession, thrift is indeed called for in many households, those that wish to live a thrifty and sustainable lifestyle and do not want to be part of the consumer society, either for lack of money or because of a wish to have less impact on the Planet they are being declared by the governments to be domestic terrorist even as, if you are not consuming and buying more and more all the time, you are not contributing to the growth of the economy and are undermining the attempts of re floating it.

Totally aside from the fact that we cannot continue with this perpetual growth economy on a finite Planet such as is the Earth and that we have to find alternatives to the current way and ways those labels are all used by way of a divide and rule tactic to keep the elite in power.

People who are wanting to live outside the mainstream, live with less impact on the environment, and especially those that wish to change society are being branded as enemies of the state, more or less. This shows us how desperate the powers-that-be are to keep the people under their thumb and in slavery to the system.

We must break free from that slavery and smash those chains once and for all for the good of all life on Planet Earth. No ifs or buts.

© 2015