Government cannot grant you a thing

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Government cannot grant you a thing. It can only place limits on that which was rightfully yours to begin with.

You do not need anyone granting you rights under any charter or constitution or other documents drafted by other people. No one can grant you rights that you have already got. That were yours as a birthright. You have rights, whether you wish to call them natural, inherent, inalienable, and/or god-given ones that no one can grant you, not even by a bill of rights or whatever. They are yours, period!

What has been done, however, by governments, with all those bills of rights, basic laws and constitutions is limiting your rights that are yours by right to what they decide you can have and what not.

Governments create an illusion for the people by creating documents such as bills of rights, etc., that those rights are for the governments to give. But, as said, those rights are yours, everyone’s, by right from birth and it is not up to someone else to give them to you. You and I were born free but are being enslaved by our respective governments and by many an unelected body also.

It starts at school when, in most countries, children are indoctrinated and programed to believe that the government is there for them and that the government has given the people certain rights and freedoms and that it had actually the right and power to do so. Neither which is the case in truth.

What government does is to tell the people which right they can have of those that are theirs by right and which not. In other words, our governments arbitrarily decide to rob us of certain rights that are ours.

No one should be denied the right to defend his or her life, property and loved ones, but in most cases everyone is because it is deemed unlawful to be armed, and in the UK (and other countries of Europe) that even means with a cudgel for defense as that weapon is then deemed an offensive weapon, and let's not even talk about the carrying and use of a knife, sword, ax or firearm.

The government has taken it upon itself to provide for our security, very inadequately in most cases, and thus we are not allowed to do anything for ourselves on this level.

The fact is that government is the biggest problem in society, or at least the system of government that is present in most countries around the wold today, and I don't care what it is called; the system, I mean.

People do not understand that when you become and proudly declare yourself to be a citizen of this or that country that you then enter into a contract with that country and its government and give up your personal sovereignty and all of your inherent rights and freedoms and consequently subjugate yourself to the sovereignty of the state (a corporate fiction) in exchange for benefits and privileges which the state may grant you and which it can just as easily take away again.

When you become a citizen of which every country, as I have said, you relinquish all your rights and freedoms in order to become a citizen of that country. But, I know, in reality we have little choice to do other if we want to live somewhere, and work somewhere, for a non-citizen and so-called stateless person is not permitted to be in borders of this or that country.

And here we come to the other problem in the world and that is state-ism:

State-ism is what the world, as we currently know it, is based upon but it was not always thus and in those days there were no borders and no passports even, in Europe or elsewhere, and any freeman (or -woman) could live anywhere without restrictions.

The reason I say freeman is that in those days the world already no longer was pure and pristine and there was slavery or all kinds and servitude because the ruler wanted their people to be subjects and not even citizens.

People may ask “but who is going to protect us from any group who wants to attack us?” and here we can see that mentality of surrendering your rights but also obligations to someone else.

Defense would be the business of everyone in the same way it would be the business of everyone in a settlement to defend against marauders and it is everyone's personal business to defend themselves.

When you surrender rights such as those, and is has been done by people ever since G-d only knows when, it would appear, to someone else, be this an ataman, a king or a a supposedly democratic government you are no longer free to make decisions as how to conduct such a defense. In some cases you may not do it and in other cases you may be forced to take part in actions that are against your will and conscience.

In Europe (and also in the US I hear) people keep clamoring for more surveillance cameras because they have been told that they protect them from harm, which is a load of rubbish, as even police will admit that.

But, the people cry, we need those cameras to make our streets safe and then they wonder when they lose rights to go into this or that area in a city without express permission and where it has now, in London, become illegal to take photographs of certain buildings and especially of police officers and police operations (unless, and even that does not always protect you, you are a journalist).

The truth is that, presently, we have little choice as, despite the fact that the people believe that they run the country and it is a democracy, the ruling class tells us what to do and it does not matter who is in power.

We don't need a new government, we need a new system.

You are born with rights. Governments do not grant them to you. They can only take them away. Remember that.

© 2012