Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green – Book Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet

Jay Conrad Levinson, Shel Horowitz

Published by John Wiley & Sons; Original edition (28 Jan 2010)

ISBN: 978-0-470-40951-0

236 pages Paperback 22.6 x 15 x 2 cm

£14.99 / €18.30 (UK Price Only)

Forget greed; green is good. Today's cutting-edge businesses understand that making the world a better place can also be a great way to make money–in fact, it′s an essential aspect of a sustainable business model. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green gives the tools to make that sustainable model work.

Catching the wave of this new trend in true guerrilla marketing fashion, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green presents unbeatable insurgent tactics for increasing your profits while improving the planet. This up-to-the-minute sourcebook gives you the theory and the roadmap to get your sustainability marketing plan up and running, including

  • Proof that ethical, Green businesses work better
  • Solid marketing tools ethical business owners can harness to grow their businesses
  • Strategies for using blogs, social networking websites (not just Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, but lesser–known ones such as Plaxo), podcasts, and teleseminars

Whether you are just starting your business, or are well-established but seek a greener direction, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green will help you market your business as one your customers can embrace on all levels.

Learn to:

  • Slash marketing costs and boost profits by making your business as green and ethical as possible
  • Easily turn your customers, suppliers, and even competitors into your unofficial sales force

  • Understand how to turn business acquaintances into powerful joint-venture partners

  • Cut your advertising budget and build revenues using social media, traditional media, and the power of your own brain—even get paid to do your marketing

  • Harness the Magic Triangle and the Abundance Principle to skyrocket to success

Find all this and much more within the covers of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green—your road map to thrive and prosper as a green, ethical business in tough times and good times.

Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author, Strategies for the Green Economy, said about this book: "A playbook for companies that want to succeed in a world where integrity and transparency trump slick slogans. This is a gem that should be required reading—not just for so-called green marketers, but for any marketer who wants to succeed in today's economy, and tomorrow's."

Would brilliant be a term too great with which to describe this book? Ii do not think so.

One can but hope that the lessons contained therein will be taken up by businesses the world over. This could start a real revolution.

While I have only read, so far some five or so chapters of this book, I can certainly recommend it and, as said above, hope that businesses the world over will take up the lessons from this book and this book should, in my opinion, become a standard text at business schools.

Jay Conrad Levinson released the first of more than sixty Guerrilla Marketing books in 1984, after a long corporate marketing career. A household name in the marketing world, he's sold more than twenty million books. For more information, go to

Shel Horowitz has been both an environmental activist/organizer and a marketer since 1972 (as a fifteen-year-old high school student). A world-renowned copywriter, marketing consultant, and award-winning author, he has participated actively in several major environmental and social change movements. This is his eighth book. For more information, go to

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