Enough is enough

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Too many people have and desire much more than enough while others, the great majority, do not have enough to live and barely survive.

We do not, necessarily, have too many people on this Planet of ours. What we have, though, are a small amount of people who have most of the wealth while the rest have little to nothing. And those that do have all that wealth want ever more, never being satisfied. It is like feeding a monster.

There is more than enough for everyone's need on this Planet b ut not for everyone's greed. And, if everyone would consider and come to understand that enough is truly enough everything could work out well for everyone.

The problem is though that the “elite”, as they consider themselves, or our betters, are not satisfied and want ever more and to that extent are even considering reducing the population of the world, wishing to reduce birth rates, for starters, in the poor countries and among the poor at home. But it is not the poor whose footfall is too heavy on our Earth, it is the footfall of this “elite” that is. Thus, methinks, the cull must start there with them if there is to be one.

Enough is enough means to have enough to live and thrive, and also to have enough in old age, no more no less. That does, however, require a change in the system and of the system, in society and of society, and in each one of us.

The system as it stands has brainwashed the majority, by means of advertising and other propaganda, into believing that the more they have the happier their lives will be, whether money or possessions, and as such things don't actually make happy it leads to never being satisfied.

“Possessions possess the possessor” it is said and this definitely appears to be the truth and this pursuit is causing a state of serious possession, like being possessed by evil spirits. It can often be seen in those people that have the latest gadgets but after five minutes they already are wishing for the next generation of them “just in case that they have more bells and whistles” to do things that they have never thought of being able to do and never have had a need for. And all that not to improve things and our lives but to make products “obsolete” and to make more and still more profits. It is time to get off this bandwagon.

© 2015