GreenLogo.com Will Provide Free Carbon Offsetting to Individual Websites

LAS VEGAS, NV, December 2008: GreenLogo.com, a new program to offset carbon dioxide emissions for the Internet was introduced today by Vroom Vroom Vroom, an eco-friendly car rental site that recently made its U.S. Debut.

Research shows that the Information and Computer Technology (ICT) industry produces more carbon dioxide than the entire aviation industry. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas widely considered a contributor to global climate change. It is estimated that the Internet produces approximately 5,196.3417 metric tons (mt) of CO2 per hour – that’s more than 124,000mt a day! This is a result of the electricity required to run every website 24/7, and to power the individual computers that access each of those sites.

Along with other eco-friendly efforts by Vroom Vroom Vroom, the goal of GreenLogo.com is to reduce the impact on the environment and to increase consumer awareness. “Our business model is based on two things,” says Peter Thornton, CEO of Vroom Vroom Vroom, “car rentals and the Internet – both measurable contributors of CO2 emissions. With the GreenLogo program, we are able to neutralize our carbon footprint and help others to do the same.”

Thornton notes that their objective with GreenLogo.com - to minimize the environmental impact of millions of Internet users worldwide – is a unique undertaking for a travel provider, but Vroom Vroom Vroom wants to be known as a company with a conscience. Plus, GreenLogo.com serves as a platform to increase brand recognition, reach eco-conscious partners and build future green programs.

Companies and individuals can sign up on GreenLogo.com to have their Web site’s CO2 emissions offset for free. Emissions for each site will be estimated based on the amount of electricity used to view their Web pages and the number of visitors and page views it receives per month. Vroom Vroom Vroom will handle the monitoring and measurement, then purchase offset credits to match the total amount of carbon dioxide produced, balancing the negative impact on the environment. Web sites will get a Greenlogo.com seal to put on their page that demonstrates they’ve helped the environment and encourages others to do the same.

Offset credits will go towards environmentally friendly programs such as clean energy. To ensure that the money is spent on legitimate, high quality projects with proven results, Vroom Vroom Vroom will purchase credits from The CarbonNeutral Company, a world-leading carbon offset and management business, which was selected because of its vast experience and reputation for integrity. The CarbonNeutral Company uses a rigorous process for reviewing and selecting projects; guarantees every carbon purchase; has all of its activities audited by a reputable third party; and maintains market-leading levels of transparency, including an online registry of its projects.

Sue Welland, Founder & Creative Director, The CarbonNeutral Company said “A major factor in tackling climate change is making individuals and businesses aware that they can reduce their carbon footprint and providing access for them to do so. Companies such as Vroom Vroom Vroom are helping to lead the way in educating not only their customers but a wider base of consumers and businesses, all of which produce unavoidable carbon emissions.”

Vroom Vroom Vroom hopes that their carbon offsetting programs will inspire car rental customers “one Web site and one car rental at a time.” Several sites have already been signed on for the GreenLogo program, and groups have been set up on Facebook and MySpace to allow members to offset their individual profiles. This year alone, projected contributions from VroomVroomVroom.com car rentals and Greenlogo.com should surpass $40,000.

Vroom Vroom Vroom (www.vroomvroomvroom.com) believes drivers deserve a car rental booking service that thinks and acts like a customer. The site offers consumers a fast and easy booking process for renting a car in more than 2,000 locations nationwide, with a lowest price guarantee. And adding a breath of fresh air to the car rental process, Vroom Vroom Vroom prides itself as a company with a conscience, offsetting carbon emissions for every car rented through the site, at no cost to the customer. An Australian-born company launched ‘down under’ in 2002, Vroom Vroom Vroom maintains services and operations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.

The CarbonNeutral Company (www.carbonneutral.com) is the world’s leading carbon offset and management business, working with over 300 major businesses and 60,000+ consumer clients. Over the last ten years, they have purchased carbon credits from almost 200 projects spread over six continents. The CarbonNeutral Company is a founding member of The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), which provides leadership and a unified voice advocating for rigorous industry standards www.icroa.org.

CarbonNeutral® is the registered trademark of The CarbonNeutral Company and is the leading brand mark and quality standard for action on climate change. Permission to display the CarbonNeutral mark is only given to clients when CO2 emissions have been measured and reduced to net zero through a program implemented in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. This Protocol assures quality of offset projects, carbon footprint assessments and communication and is regularly reviewed by an Independent Advisory Group. The ‘audit trail’ includes an annual independent verification of CarbonNeutral programs – from contracts with carbon offset partners through to contracts with clients and everything in between.

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